Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Friday! (+ A Video)

This is embarrassing...but I figured out how to play my ukulele and I am very proud of it! I apologize for my singing (or lack thereof) and yes, I made a few mistakes and just left them in the video. It was the best take I got, so deal wit it!! I am extremely imperfect and that's extremely okay.

Thus begins fall break! A lot of practicing, friends, and (hopefully) sleep in my near future.


  1. HAPPY FRIDAY, indeed! As soon as I saw your instagram, I ran to the computer to watch! My happiness quota for the weekend has already been filled, if you can't tell by the video I just sent you. Thank you and goodnight.

  2. hey! it's me! I'm back. creepin'. same scene, just coffee in hand instead of cookie dough (but I just remembered we have some!). xxooxxoxoxo

  3. This was so cute! Good for you for learning how to play!

  4. I love this! You're delightful.


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