Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Update on the State of My Health

It's no big secret that I'm not a particularly healthy young-person. It's not something I hide or even avoid telling people (well, not usually). But I realized the other day, while compiling some posts for a thing that will be up soon, that the last time I wrote about my health on this blog was a looong time ago. And, well, a lot has changed. (although apparently not the fact that I like to accompany serious posts with v serious photos of myself--don't mind me)
I will try to keep this brief, but I get asked about it with relative frequency. So if you've been wondering, keep reading. And if not, then do wuteva you wanna do.

So, yes, I have still have Crohn's Disease. It's one of those pesky chronic conditions that you can treat but not cure (not yet, anyway). But since switching medications in the summer of 2012, my Crohn's Disease has actually been under control. That being said, I do still have flare-ups semi-regularly. A few times a week. But they are no longer as crippling as they once were and I can totally deal. I haven't had to miss any classes or events due to sickness in months, it's great!

When I decided to come out here to study at ASU, my Mom and I were pleased to find that there is a Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale (twenty minutes or so from my house, very nice). We made an appointment with a Crohn's Disease specialist, and I will never ever go back to a regular gastroenterologist, it's a world of difference. The Mayo Clinic is the most efficient doctors office I've ever been to (and I've been to many). Anyway, after an initial appointment over our week of house hunting, we scheduled several tests for later in the summer when I would be moving out here. It was an unpleasant week where I was at the Clinic every day and there was fasting and sickness and it was bad. But at the end of it all, it was discovered that I have Gastroparesis in addition to Crohn's. And that could have been the cause of all the throwing up that took place in the past three years. And it's easy enough to treat--I've just had to adjust my diet.

Essentially I've stopped eating all of the things that a normal person should eat in order to be healthy. Any vegetables that aren't really well-cooked, whole grain/whole wheat anything, nuts and seeds, fruits with hard skins or seeds...I can't eat these things anymore. But it hasn't been so difficult to find alternatives that will make do, and I've been feeling infinitely better. I still have to watch what I eat in general. No greasy/fried foods or rich dressings/sauces--I usually know when something will make me sick but sometimes random things slip through the cracks and then oops I'm bedridden for a few hours. But it has not been a huge problem lately and I'm loving it.

And that's where I am. Feeling much, much better (with a few exceptions, but "a few" is totally manageable). Hoping this continues to improve. Hoping to sometime be in complete remission from flare-ups...hey, a girl can dream ;)


  1. i mean, i didn't even know. i'm just so happy this whole arizona thing is so amazing. i love it all for you. and i've never even been.


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