Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Monday

Have I ever shown you my office? Well, this is essentially it. The view from the desk, anyway (which is home to a shiny new iMac, I am very lucky, and maybe shouldn't have posted that on the internet but oh well). I share this office with two other guys but somedays I feel like I live there...like today. Today was very long.

First thing this morning I spilled coffee in my fridge, yes IN my fridge, and then later in the day my right-hand pinky actually cramped up in the midst of my practicing?! If that is any indication of what kind of Monday today was.

I was at school for 13 hours or so, and it was a long day. But I was rewarded for staying late by watching my friends play Dvorák Symphony No. 8 tonight, and it was beautiful (I played on the first piece of the orchestra concert, a whole ten minutes isn't it great?)

Cheers to a speedy week, cause at the end of it is Fall break!!


  1. Replies
    1. Whoa now. Don't get too crazy, I'm just hanging in there!

  2. Dude, reached here via your comment on Meg Fee's blog (god, I love that woman), and girllll, you are delightful.


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