Friday, September 12, 2014

Things Often Taken for Granted

Sleepy mornings staying in bed too long, only getting up because you. need. coffee.

Getting donuts on a whim.

Snuggles from a kitten who has played herself OUT.

A look and a smile across a crowded table.

Sleepy mumblings.

A reminder that someone is thinking of you.

FaceTiming with people far away, feeling like you never left.

Unexpected sweetness.

Blushing. Or rather, having a reason to blush.

Laughing until your stomach hurts.
The funny thing about making friends as an "adult" is that you're already a fully formed person. You're not doing a ton of growing; well, at least, I'm not. Most people my age know and like who they are, and it seems easier to form comfortable and true friendships when you're already self-aware. The little group I've become a part of here in Tempe is so fun. They make me smile and laugh until my face hurts. We have great conversations about feelings and heartbreak and our lives. And I'm already comfortable enough to sing in the car with them ;)

I thought I was really happy before, and I was happy, but not like this. I maintain that my people, coast to coast, are the best people: my people in Florida (STILL! They're still being the best people I know!!!), and now my people in Tempe. I haven't felt such love and fulfillment in my life in such a long time, without even realizing it. From school (I love you FSU, I really do, but I was so burnt out for so long), from my past relationships, to just living in Florida, I really think this move to Arizona was a huge deal for my general well-being. I am just so...happy. And now, all the struggle almost makes sense. Well maybe not all of it, but a lot of it.

My bloggy pal Annie said that one day I would wake up on the other side of the sadness and think "Phew. That was necessary." AND SHE WAS RIGHT! (Thanks, Annie.) I literally had that moment, and it feels so, SO good.

These are just a few of the iPhone snaps that are making me smile so much these days. (Honestly I laugh EVERY TIME I see that one of Joon)

Have a great weekend, all.


  1. So happy that ur happy, Olivia. :) Made my night!
    Mama Maag

  2. Tears in my eyes! I love you my baby girl. xoxo mommy

  3. Olivia! (did you know that's my favorite name? another reason I love your mom too.) I'm SO happy for you, sweet bloggy pal. you deserve all the good stuff. all of it!

  4. this is so awesome! i feel like last year was my year to come out of the fog, and just realize how happy i am.


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