Saturday, September 27, 2014

Scenes From Living Alone

In case anyone needs a reminder that the behind-the-scenes is usually a mess...
...okay well yeah, that's just The Baby being adorable. Although, as you can see below, her new project is climbing up the cabinets, so.
...and yeah I'm not proud of this, but it happens.
In my defense, Joon is constantly uprooting my rug like this. So this one's not really my fault.
She lies in wait to attack your ankles as you walk past.
Don't worry, I deep cleaned my apartment just a few days ago (I do about every other week), so it doesn't look quite so bad anymore...just don't ever forget, someone's life may look pretty to an outsider, but it probably looks like this in reality: cluttered and messy. At least I don't have roommates to annoy with this anymore ;)


  1. oh my goodness, your little kitten! this is exactly how my little atticus is i swear! climbing on everything, and hiding waiting to attack. it is pretty hilarious though.

  2. I would just blame everything on the cute kitty. you're doing better than me just admitting to anything..


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