Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Polaroid-al Memories

I have an old Polaroid camera that was my Mom's that they no longer make film for. Those are the top ones, the more square photos. About three years ago, I got a newer Polaroid camera, and even though I feel like people always judge me for using it, I love that little thing. The photos are a little smaller than playing cards, thinner than the original Polaroid photos.

I'm currently out of film, but some of my favorite old polaroids are on display in my bedroom. I picked out my faves of the faves to share here...just for fun because I can because it's my blog y'all.
From top to bottom, right to left:

- Roxy and Bec. MIDDLE SCHOOL BEC!
- A project Bec did in middle school, and it was my favorite poster ever
- Dad and me
- A weekend in Cocoa Beach in Bec's travel softball days
- Hanging out at my apartment...but before I lived there
- Graduation
- Leah's visit/audition weekend at FSU this past Spring
- Becca Boo in Hyde Park, literally the day after I got this Polaroid camera
- Puppy roommate
- Summer in Savannah
- Home
- Libby, the best dog to ever exist

I remember these moments so clearly, it's almost creepy. Especially since I generally have a terrible memory. Ahhhhh, life is a time. I have some really old Polaroids that I'll hopefully share sometime, although currently they're still in Florida...I'm talking high school years. Solid gold.

Have a great week!


  1. you're really cool. like scanned in polaroids cool. that's the real deal, friend.


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