Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cheers to a Sweet New Year

One of my best friends here in Tempe (Rachel) (now I have two bests named Rachel, it's fine) is also Jewish, so we decided to ring in the new year with apple pie! Fortunately for me, Rachel is great with baking. I am hoping that I will begin absorbing some of her domesticity by osmosis.
We decided to forgo homemade pie crust, but we did make an oatmeal crumble! It was mostly Rachel, I really can hardly take credit for it. Although I did slice most of the apples.
It turned out beautifully, deliciously perfect.
And we couldn't forget apples and honey for a sweet new year, oh no I wouldn't let her forget. I kept asking for apples and honey all evening until finally we had some. And we got Arijana to try it too! Win!

So thankful to have her (Rachel, I love ya) so we can celebrate holidays together and jump around her kitchen singing in Hebrew. I have a good feeling about this year already, I really do. L'shana Tova!

P.S. Apple pie was one of my first blog posts ever! I don't know what's worse, the fact that I used my iPhone for all of the photos in this post (WHY do I keep leaving my camera at home?!), or the shitty photos in that old post...


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