Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I wrote a whole long post about this tattoo, and then I realized that I really don't have to explain myself and I actually don't want to. But I will say these few things:

- There is a myth that if you have a tattoo, you can not be buried in a Jewish cemetery. But it's just that: a myth.

- This is a reminder. A reminder that "every flower grows through dirt". Take from that what you will, but to me it means that everything has to struggle before it is beautiful and free. And as someone who has more struggles than the average 22 year old, I need that reminder.

- It makes me feel beautiful, even when I don't feel beautiful. Which is kind of a big deal, ya know?

So that's it. I have a tattoo. If you are curious, it's a design by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, based in Winter Park, FL. I got the tattoo here in Tempe by an awesome artist named Chris. And everyone I've met lately has asked me if it's real because it just looks like paint. But the overall response from people both online and in person has been positive, which is always nice. Plus I kind of feel like a badass now.

Thank you to those of you who have already complimented it! Your kind words mean more than you know.


  1. SO SO SO SO SO SO COOL. And very pretty. Glad you shared some photos :)

  2. Girl, this is so gorgeous! And you are right, you don't have to explain the reason for it to ANYONE! There doesn't even have to be a reason, but the little snippet you gave us of what it means to you is beautiful, and so are you!

  3. I LOVE your tattoo! Ask the book club ladies... Mama Maag


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