Monday, August 18, 2014

Roses and Thorns and Joon

Joon uses much of her cuteness when sleeping. She makes sleeping look very cute. I don't know how, but it melts my heart a little bit. I picked out my favorite iPhone snaps of her to share (there were so many that it was difficult to choose--maybe I have a problem here).
Okay, so she's not sleeping in this one but as I said to my friend the other day, she looks like such a sassy alley cat. It makes me laugh. Anyway...

- School starting
- Free pizza
- Making new friends
- Phone calls and FaceTimes with old/best friends
- Snuggly Joonbug
- Peanut butter M&Ms and pretzels (together, yes)
- New notebooks
- Waffles
- Iced coffee in the morning
- Eggs over easy
- Re-reading all of the Harry Potter books

- School starting (I'm super nervous about teaching)
- The heat here in Tempe
- Sick Joonbug (ear mites)
- Giving Joon ear drops
- Sleepless nights
- Not knowing my way around ASU yet
- Missing my friends and family

All's well when the roses outnumber the thorns.
Have a great week.


  1. what a creative post! love it lady. and oh my word, that kitten. she kills me!!!


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