Saturday, August 2, 2014

Road Trip // Part III

After spending the night in creepy little Sonora, TX, we went to the caverns. Ignore my t-rex claw, I don't know.
Peacocks throwing some serious shade. (I just learned that phrase and although I have no idea where it comes from I love it and am going to use it all the time)
None of this is ice, by the way. It's all minerals.
Then we continued our trek to spend the night in Las Cruces, NM. Everyone we talked to was like "DO NOT STOP IN EL PASO!", so we didn't.
On the last day, I was pretty much done. I just wanted to get there. We drove straight from Las Cruces to Tempe, with only a stop for a greasy diner lunch (and some bathroom breaks, who are we kidding).
And then, we were here! And it was only mid-afternoon, because of the time change. Adjusting to all of my friends/family being 3hrs ahead of me has been...interesting, so far.
(These pictures of me are actually from the next day, but oh well)
Mom left today, so now it's just me and Joonbug in this big little apartment. I scrubbed it clean this morning and hung the last of the art I have so it's fully live-able in here. Shit's crazy! I'm living in Arizona.

Anyway that's the last of our road trip (here's part I and part II). Have I mentioned how my Mom is the best? SHE'S THE BEST. I miss her already.

A couple more posts from this past week to come, and some other stuff. Let's see how this "living alone" thing goes! ;)


  1. To answer your question about shade.... drag queens. ;)

  2. YOU LIVE IN ARIZONA! you just drove across the country. you're the coolest. so is your mom. did she drive the whooole trip or were the documentation selfies only on her turn? things I need to know.

    also, the all caps + 'so we didn't' regarding El Paso had me blurt this terrible noise that should have been laughter, but it most certainly didn't sound like it. sorry friend is funny.

    1. I don't feel that cool but haaaay thanks! She drove the whole way (I don't yet have a driver's license--working on it). She's a rock star.


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