Saturday, August 16, 2014

Little Apartment

HEYO! Finally some photos of my apartment, eh? It's small with very limited storage, but for me by myself it's SO MUCH SPACE. It's actually so odd having all this space to myself.
Walk-in closet! Which turns out to actually be smaller than you'd expect, but still. WALK-IN!
And holy counter space, amiright?
The kitchen chairs are situated like that so Joon can't jump onto the bar, just to clarify. I know it looks pretty weird, but generally it's just me in this place and I don't mind.
We managed to get all of my plants across the country, but the selections in the Home Depots here are SO MUCH BETTER that I couldn't resist buying some new ones.
I've never had a TV to myself! Maybe I didn't really need this, but honestly it's pretty awesome to be able to watch Netflix and use my computer for other things (like editing photos) at the same time.

Also I was waaaay too excited to be able to have and display all of my Harry Potter books in this apartment. Prior to this year, I just left them home in Tampa. But not this time! On a sadder note, four out of my eight Harry Potter movies are missing in action. Hoping that mystery is solved sometime in the near future...
So there it is! My little apartment.

I couldn't have made this place feel like a home without my Mom. She did so much to make this apartment live-able. Thank you, Mom, I love you. And we miss you, when are you coming back?

In other news, pretty sure my kitten is insane. She has way too much energy for one small ball of fur.

Anyway...I like this little space quite a lot, yes I do.


  1. Very cute space! I love it, you've done well with such a small place. xox LOVLEY.

  2. Girl, I love it! Such a perfect space. I am rather jealous. I would love to have a little place to myself :)

  3. I like it quite a lot too. I also like how you preface with 'no space for anything in life' and then document the counter space that is bigger than the square area of our new bathroom. pound majorjealousy says the girl who has to share her q-tip sized counter space. buuuuut. it's reeaaally cute. my favorite might be the little man playing sax or something.


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