Monday, August 4, 2014

Joon Sleeps (Like a Weirdo)

After this contortionist act, she curled up around my shoulder as I watched Netflix. 
Living with a kitten is a little bit like what I imagine living with a toddler is like: she sleeps during the afternoons and then right before bed and right when I wake up in the morning she's running between rooms, biting my feet, meowing to be held, wanting to play. She follows me around the apartment, but sometimes runs away when I walk towards her, ha. It's adorable but also a little hard to keep up with ;)

The other day she learned a new trick: climb up my kitchen chair, jump onto the bar and then (if she feels like it) peruse the stovetop and sink area. Potentially DANGEROUS! I'm trying to teach her that that's totally not okay, and (I think) (I hope) it's slowly working. $1 spray bottle full of water, for the win! I actually hate having to spray her with water, but it works. (and I try not to do it unless she's really being bad).

Living alone is a bit lonely, yes. I don't have any friends here yet, so it's really just me. Some days I don't even leave my apartment, which is okay because it's 110º+ most days, but still. Having Joon to look after and keep me smiling has already been making my life brighter. **CHEESY, but oh well**


  1. can we consider a few of these 'throwing some shade'? I'm old and out of touch but I'm thinking we could go with it...?

    glad you have a sweet+sassy kitten to play with. when does school start?

    1. Oh she's DEF throwing some shade. I love that phrase, don't you love that phrase? (I'm also out of touch). School starts with diagnostic exams/orientation on the 18th for me! Classes on the 21st. AH! <3


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