Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Wood Burning // Kitchen Utensils

At the beginning of the year, I bought a wood burning set for a project. I don't have any of that project to show you here, but it was pretty cool. And wood burning is quite fun, if not occasionally the most annoying hobby ever.

I saw these wood burned utensils on Pinterest and I was like, "Hey wait. I can make those", so I did.
You can find these types of bamboo utensils in any Ross, Marshall's, Bed Bath and Beyond, or home goods store (mine are from Marshall's). I bought my wood burning tool from Michael's.

1. First I sketched out ideas for what designs to wood burn onto my bamboo utensils.
2. Next I drew them in pencil on the utensils, to make sure I liked what I came up with.
3. Then I started the wood burning process! Be careful with your fingers, and beware: wood burning is actually really difficult and time consuming. I had to take a lot of breaks, both because my hand was hurting and because the burning tool was getting too hot, so this project took me several hours.
And two meals and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother later, I was finally done. A bit sloppy, but I'm actually pretty proud of how well this project came out!
My next wooden utensil project: painting! Someday. 
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  1. I'm pretty proud of you too. can you stop being so creative. you're showing me up. big time.


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