Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Magnets

If you didn't know that I'm obsessed with cacti...well, I am. And I'm in love with those little cacti emoticons on Facebook, so I decided to make magnets out of them.

Here's how:

1. I looked up a photo of all of them online, then changed the background color to white on Photoshop, and resized it to 8.5x11. So it looked like this:
2. I had intended to print them on photo paper, but they came out well when I tested my printer with regular printer paper, so I just used that!
3. Then I measured approximately how many little cacti I could fit on each rectangular magnet sheet I had. Since they're all slightly different in size, I kind of just had to eyeball a lot of it. So, like every project I attempt, they are far from perfect.
4. After you've cut out your rectangle of cacti (or whatever you're trying to make magnets out of), remove the film from the adhesive magnet and carefully place the rectangle of emoticons.
5. Cut each cacti (or emoticon) into it's own individual magnet. Mine all vary in size, which I actually kind of like.
I like the way they look littering my fridge. And I have one for EVERY SINGLE EMOTION! Which is good because I feel ALL OF THEM, trust me.



  1. once again, folks. you're so creative. and in the loop. where can I find these cacti? I want them in my life...


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