Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instagrammed Life

(ASU's College of Music--erm--"Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts")
I've been MIA because I started graduate school last week. GRADUATE SCHOOL! I'm a damn Masters student, and a teaching assistant. What even is life?

Well it's been good. Really good. I've met good people, I seriously love the studio here, and my professors are fantastic (and hilarious).

Also can we briefly talk (again) about how Warby Parker is the best? Because I commented on an Instagram photo of this clutch saying how bummed I was that I wasn't in town to get one, and they mailed one to my house with a handwritten note. WHAT A BRAND!

Life is so good right now I can hardly believe it. Have a great week!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


I wrote a whole long post about this tattoo, and then I realized that I really don't have to explain myself and I actually don't want to. But I will say these few things:

- There is a myth that if you have a tattoo, you can not be buried in a Jewish cemetery. But it's just that: a myth.

- This is a reminder. A reminder that "every flower grows through dirt". Take from that what you will, but to me it means that everything has to struggle before it is beautiful and free. And as someone who has more struggles than the average 22 year old, I need that reminder.

- It makes me feel beautiful, even when I don't feel beautiful. Which is kind of a big deal, ya know?

So that's it. I have a tattoo. If you are curious, it's a design by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co, based in Winter Park, FL. I got the tattoo here in Tempe by an awesome artist named Chris. And everyone I've met lately has asked me if it's real because it just looks like paint. But the overall response from people both online and in person has been positive, which is always nice. Plus I kind of feel like a badass now.

Thank you to those of you who have already complimented it! Your kind words mean more than you know.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Roses and Thorns and Joon

Joon uses much of her cuteness when sleeping. She makes sleeping look very cute. I don't know how, but it melts my heart a little bit. I picked out my favorite iPhone snaps of her to share (there were so many that it was difficult to choose--maybe I have a problem here).
Okay, so she's not sleeping in this one but as I said to my friend the other day, she looks like such a sassy alley cat. It makes me laugh. Anyway...

- School starting
- Free pizza
- Making new friends
- Phone calls and FaceTimes with old/best friends
- Snuggly Joonbug
- Peanut butter M&Ms and pretzels (together, yes)
- New notebooks
- Waffles
- Iced coffee in the morning
- Eggs over easy
- Re-reading all of the Harry Potter books

- School starting (I'm super nervous about teaching)
- The heat here in Tempe
- Sick Joonbug (ear mites)
- Giving Joon ear drops
- Sleepless nights
- Not knowing my way around ASU yet
- Missing my friends and family

All's well when the roses outnumber the thorns.
Have a great week.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Little Apartment

HEYO! Finally some photos of my apartment, eh? It's small with very limited storage, but for me by myself it's SO MUCH SPACE. It's actually so odd having all this space to myself.
Walk-in closet! Which turns out to actually be smaller than you'd expect, but still. WALK-IN!
And holy counter space, amiright?
The kitchen chairs are situated like that so Joon can't jump onto the bar, just to clarify. I know it looks pretty weird, but generally it's just me in this place and I don't mind.
We managed to get all of my plants across the country, but the selections in the Home Depots here are SO MUCH BETTER that I couldn't resist buying some new ones.
I've never had a TV to myself! Maybe I didn't really need this, but honestly it's pretty awesome to be able to watch Netflix and use my computer for other things (like editing photos) at the same time.

Also I was waaaay too excited to be able to have and display all of my Harry Potter books in this apartment. Prior to this year, I just left them home in Tampa. But not this time! On a sadder note, four out of my eight Harry Potter movies are missing in action. Hoping that mystery is solved sometime in the near future...
So there it is! My little apartment.

I couldn't have made this place feel like a home without my Mom. She did so much to make this apartment live-able. Thank you, Mom, I love you. And we miss you, when are you coming back?

In other news, pretty sure my kitten is insane. She has way too much energy for one small ball of fur.

Anyway...I like this little space quite a lot, yes I do.

Monday, August 11, 2014

DIY Magnets

If you didn't know that I'm obsessed with cacti...well, I am. And I'm in love with those little cacti emoticons on Facebook, so I decided to make magnets out of them.

Here's how:

1. I looked up a photo of all of them online, then changed the background color to white on Photoshop, and resized it to 8.5x11. So it looked like this:
2. I had intended to print them on photo paper, but they came out well when I tested my printer with regular printer paper, so I just used that!
3. Then I measured approximately how many little cacti I could fit on each rectangular magnet sheet I had. Since they're all slightly different in size, I kind of just had to eyeball a lot of it. So, like every project I attempt, they are far from perfect.
4. After you've cut out your rectangle of cacti (or whatever you're trying to make magnets out of), remove the film from the adhesive magnet and carefully place the rectangle of emoticons.
5. Cut each cacti (or emoticon) into it's own individual magnet. Mine all vary in size, which I actually kind of like.
I like the way they look littering my fridge. And I have one for EVERY SINGLE EMOTION! Which is good because I feel ALL OF THEM, trust me.


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Instagrammed Life

That very first picture of my Mom might be my favorite ever. It's from her birthday a few weeks ago; we went to Old Town Scottsdale and ate Mexican food and I had the waitress surprise her with dessert. Complete with a trick candle, which was a surprise to both of us. I love capturing moments like this!!!!

The rest are snaps of The Baby or from around my apartment in its varying stages of being put together. It's pretty much done now, and after another good clean I'm going to take some actual photos of it to share. It's strange having all this space completely to myself, but I really like this little apartment.

And lastly...yes, that tattoo is real. But more on that at a later time...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

DIY Wood Burning // Kitchen Utensils

At the beginning of the year, I bought a wood burning set for a project. I don't have any of that project to show you here, but it was pretty cool. And wood burning is quite fun, if not occasionally the most annoying hobby ever.

I saw these wood burned utensils on Pinterest and I was like, "Hey wait. I can make those", so I did.
You can find these types of bamboo utensils in any Ross, Marshall's, Bed Bath and Beyond, or home goods store (mine are from Marshall's). I bought my wood burning tool from Michael's.

1. First I sketched out ideas for what designs to wood burn onto my bamboo utensils.
2. Next I drew them in pencil on the utensils, to make sure I liked what I came up with.
3. Then I started the wood burning process! Be careful with your fingers, and beware: wood burning is actually really difficult and time consuming. I had to take a lot of breaks, both because my hand was hurting and because the burning tool was getting too hot, so this project took me several hours.
And two meals and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother later, I was finally done. A bit sloppy, but I'm actually pretty proud of how well this project came out!
My next wooden utensil project: painting! Someday. 
And you can follow me on Pinterest here.
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