Sunday, July 13, 2014

West Coast Wishlist • Part 2

We begin our road trip to Tempe ON TUESDAY! That's crazy, no? So here's part 2 of my West Coast destination wish list; five more places I can't wait to visit.

1. Redwood Forest, CA
2. San Francisco, CA (I've been, but it's one of those cities that I think you can never really get sick of? You know?)
3. Superstition Mountains, AZ
4. Salvation Mountain, CA (although I'm not Catholic, it's an incredible work of art)
5. Las Vegas, NV (hometown of my past roomie--hey Kev)

Thank you to those of you who gave me some recommendations on sites to see! Keep 'em coming, I'll take any excuse to travel.

I probably won't have the time or energy to post for a little while, until I get settled in Tempe...I'll do my best but until then I'm sure I'll be over-posting on Instagram and Twitter.

You can see part 1 here. West Coast, best coast. Right?


  1. Ahh, I want to go to most of these places. It's in my plans to road trip from Phoenix up to San Fran, Portland, and Seattle before the end of this year (and of course stop in at the Redwoods). Tempe is alright, probably the most happening place for a visit. However, you should definitely stop in at Matt's Big Breakfast & Lux Coffeebar in downtown Phoenix before you leave. :) They're a few of my faves.

    xo, grace (

    1. I'm actually moving to Tempe for graduate school, so I'll be there for at least the next two years! I'll be sure to stop by those places, thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Have a fun trip! You have no idea how jealous I am... so. much. wanderlust. xx

    Charlotte's Web | The London Project


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