Monday, July 28, 2014

"The Baby"

HEY! In case you didn't know via some other form of social media, I adopted a kitten. 
Her name is Joon. I've also been calling her "the baby" (because she is sooo small!) as in, "where's the baby?" (because in my mess of an apartment, she can find one million places to hide). 
She's taken to hiding in her litter box when she's scared/overwhelmed, WHICH IS SO WEIRD. I didn't know that was a thing cats did. Roxy hid under the ottoman in our living room for about a week after we got her, but not the litter box. I suppose she's just adjusting; she's still a baby, after all.

BUT! She is sweet as pie and a SNUGGLER. Even though she wakes me up wanting to play at 2am, 5am, 7am...I already love her to bits.

You can surely expect an overload of kitten photos, as these are inevitably the first of many. If we're friends on some other social media...I'm not sorry for posting so many pictures of her because she's the cutest thing on the planet ;)


  1. stop! I JUST WANT TO CUDDLE HER! gah, kittens are such a weakness!


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