Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road Trip // Part II

On Day three we left Houston and met my friend Jesse in San Antonio. I'd never seen the Alamo, so that was pretty cool, and the River Walk is awesome. Thanks for hanging Jesse!!
Then we drove to Sonora, TX. And the views were dope on the way there.
Sonora was...interesting. Tiny town, literally like two streets. And frankly, a tad creepy, ha.
Our hotel was quite the seedy-road-trip-motel experience, it was almost comical.

Anyway, we stopped in Sonora to see the caverns there. But I took so many photos that I just decided to make one more road trip post, I hope that's okay? Okay, cool.

See part one here!


  1. hahaha oh the typical random town motel stay. Definitely have had some of those. But seriously, who knew Texas had so many cute, quaint, little towns! I love it! Not to mention the pretty views! Keep posting!


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