Thursday, July 17, 2014

En Route

Just popping in to say: hi! We're over halfway to Tempe, and we're alive and well so far. So that's pretty good, even if I do feel like smashing my head against the window occasionally.

We've seen some friends along the way and listened to an awful lot of NPR. I've taken a lot of photos to share, and I have even more to edit before that. Many posts to bombard you with, hooray! (?)
And, even I can make .gifs thanks to the PartyParty app. It's addicting, sorry in advance. (NOT REALLY SORRY AT ALL MWAHAHA!)

If you can not tell, I am very tired. Next time we meet, I'll be (hopefully) settled in Tempe!

Follow along with our road trip on Twitter and Instagram. #moongalsroadtrip y'all.


  1. you two gals have fun! i expect a full report on nola and i'll pretend its dedicated to me. kthxbai!


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