Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Wine Charms

Finally a break from my road trip posts, I know. I like to keep you guessing.

My Mom asked me to make her some silver wine charms before I moved. I initially intended to just use the silver wire I still have from this project, but we found an even easier way that neither of us could resist.
 What you'll need:
- Silver hoop earrings
- Beads of varying styles and sizes (your choice, of course)
To make wine charms:
- Set aside the amount of hoops you want to use. Make sure they're all the same size.
- Create a unique combination of beads for each charm (the point is that people will be able to tell their wine glasses apart!)
- Slide the beads onto the hoops.
- Pull the flat end through the looped end of the hoops and then bend back slightly. Make sure that you can adjust the size of the hoops if necessary.
It's literally that easy. Not to brag, but my Mom loves them ;) Enjoy!


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