Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY Wine Charms

Finally a break from my road trip posts, I know. I like to keep you guessing.

My Mom asked me to make her some silver wine charms before I moved. I initially intended to just use the silver wire I still have from this project, but we found an even easier way that neither of us could resist.
 What you'll need:
- Silver hoop earrings
- Beads of varying styles and sizes (your choice, of course)
To make wine charms:
- Set aside the amount of hoops you want to use. Make sure they're all the same size.
- Create a unique combination of beads for each charm (the point is that people will be able to tell their wine glasses apart!)
- Slide the beads onto the hoops.
- Pull the flat end through the looped end of the hoops and then bend back slightly. Make sure that you can adjust the size of the hoops if necessary.
It's literally that easy. Not to brag, but my Mom loves them ;) Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road Trip // Part II

On Day three we left Houston and met my friend Jesse in San Antonio. I'd never seen the Alamo, so that was pretty cool, and the River Walk is awesome. Thanks for hanging Jesse!!
Then we drove to Sonora, TX. And the views were dope on the way there.
Sonora was...interesting. Tiny town, literally like two streets. And frankly, a tad creepy, ha.
Our hotel was quite the seedy-road-trip-motel experience, it was almost comical.

Anyway, we stopped in Sonora to see the caverns there. But I took so many photos that I just decided to make one more road trip post, I hope that's okay? Okay, cool.

See part one here!

Monday, July 28, 2014

"The Baby"

HEY! In case you didn't know via some other form of social media, I adopted a kitten. 
Her name is Joon. I've also been calling her "the baby" (because she is sooo small!) as in, "where's the baby?" (because in my mess of an apartment, she can find one million places to hide). 
She's taken to hiding in her litter box when she's scared/overwhelmed, WHICH IS SO WEIRD. I didn't know that was a thing cats did. Roxy hid under the ottoman in our living room for about a week after we got her, but not the litter box. I suppose she's just adjusting; she's still a baby, after all.

BUT! She is sweet as pie and a SNUGGLER. Even though she wakes me up wanting to play at 2am, 5am, 7am...I already love her to bits.

You can surely expect an overload of kitten photos, as these are inevitably the first of many. If we're friends on some other social media...I'm not sorry for posting so many pictures of her because she's the cutest thing on the planet ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Road Trip // Part I

What up, guys?! We made it to Tempe with our sanity (mostly) in tact. Here are a million photos of the first two days of our five day road trip. I took a car selfie for every day, you're welcome.
We stopped in Tallahassee so I could have lunch with some of my friends who were still there. Which was awesome, I mean I know I'll see most of them again, but it was great to see them.
Then we drove to Biloxi, MS for the evening. We stopped there because I've never gambled before and Mom was all like, "This is why we're road tripping! It's an experience!" So we ran into the Beaux Rivage and the Hard Rock for some penny slots. Gambling doesn't make sense to me, you're essentially just wasting your money? But it was fun!
On day two we drove from Biloxi to New Orleans for a few hours! I love NOLA but it was so so hot and, worse, MUGGY, omg. The views of those balconies covered in flowers made up for it though.
Beignets were, of course, a necessity, because I can not deny myself anything that even remotely resembles a donut and also, BEIGNETS.
Mom loves a good selfie.
This photo (above) dedicated to my friend Annie. She got engaged here!
We ended the day in Houston, TX with some family friends and good old Tex-Mex. (On a side note, we ate terribly on this trip, oh man was there stomach pain by the end.)

I'm finally getting settled into my apartment (all of my furniture is here and put together thanks to handy-man Mom), getting used to being three hours behind all of my friends and family still on the East Coast, and my week of doctor appointments is coming to an end, so that's all good stuff. And we finally have Internet, yippee!

More road trip posts and other things to come...Have a great weekend!
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