Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yankees Baseball

It was our first time in the new stadium, which was pretty exciting. It's really quite beautiful. We had incredible seats, and we got to partake in the most absurd buffet situation I've ever seen. My food-loving heart could hardly stand it, I just kept laughing at how lucky we were through the meal. (Thank you to our cousin Keith for hooking us up!!!)
In the monuments museum you can put your name on a locker, so we stuffed all the Moonitzes in.
(I love this photo of us, even though Dad's eyes are half-closed...better than the usually fully closed eyes!) (Do I have his Moonitz face or what?)
Thank you for these two photos, Aunt Susan :)
Over Spring Break I was sure I wouldn't get to see Derek Jeter play again, so this was a treat. A farewell, if you will. And Papa was so excited, (he was talking about it all week), I'm so glad he could come with us.


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