Monday, June 30, 2014


^ Coolest wallpaper ^

Bat Mitzvahs are pretty weird, as an older outsider. Especially being at that awkward not-adult-but-not-teenager-either age. But, aside from that, it was pretty awesome and Sasha was poised and perfect and at her party, she looked like a Barbie Doll.
Even next to my sister, I am the palest in this picture from Friday night. I mean we obviously always look pale next to Sasha and Elana (this photo, respectively), but HOW?!
It was great to see some of the extended family that we don't often get the opportunity to spend time with. Also, this venue was BEYOND.
^ Your average-- and necessary --selfies ^
(I am hardly capable of taking a nice picture)
On Sunday morning, before our spur of the moment trip into the city to see "Newsies", the whole family had breakfast together at the local diner. And being that my Uncle Jonathan's birthday was the weekend prior, my Grandma ordered a cake, and we sang.
Being the photographer means I'm usually not in the photos (hence the amount of selfies on this blog), and the one photo that a stranger was kind enough to take of all of us was like, so blurry. But this one is pretty nice, despite the fact that I probably should have changed lenses. Oops.
(That's all I have from New York, you made it through, go you!)
Have a great week!


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