Sunday, June 8, 2014

Quick Trip to Tempe

So Mom and I went to Tempe to look for an apartment for (hopefully) the next two years. I hate moving, so I wanted to find a place I would like enough to stay in for the duration of my Masters degree. Looking online was so difficult, so we just decided to make the trip out there in person.

We spent the first two days driving around, going in and out and in and out of complexes, looking at their models, seeing what they had available, and comparing prices. It's actually a really stressful process. I didn't really go through that in Tallahassee, my roommate just found this place near the College of Music and we went and signed a lease. Not so easy in Tempe, especially since I didn't know the area particularly well, I have a very different budget, AND I was looking for a one bedroom apartment. Just me n my future kitten up in there.

Anyway, we found the perfect apartment for me. Walking distance to the School of Music and newly renovated. Ugh it's seriously so nice. And! IN MY BUDGET. Win/win/winnnn. I got so stinking lucky.

Also on this trip:
- Not one but TWO trips to In N Out Burger. No I am not kidding, and no, I do not regret it at all.
- A visit to Tempe Town "Lake". It's a cute little area if you're looking to go on a run or something, but otherwise it's really just a playground with water things for kids. Although the view is pretty nice.
- Keeping cool with ice cream and Rita's Ice. And, guys. The "juicy pear" flavor of Rita's is so f-ing good.
(Side note: Coldstone started and is based in Tempe! Who knew?)
- A trip to the ASU art museum, which was quick but pleasant. And air conditioned. And free.
- A trip to the ASU Campus Bookstore for an *official* t-shirt (and some other gifts).

And, finally, a note about the dry heat, because it's a hot topic (ahhh, puns): The common phrase that I've been hearing from Floridians who find out I'm going to ASU is "oh, but it's a dry heat!" Well, here's the thing: 110º is HOT. Like, your brain is probably turning to mush kind of hot. It doesn't matter if it's dry or if it's humid, if you're walking around outside in the sun, you're going to FEEL it. And it is going to suck. The best way to describe it is like having a hot blow dryer turned on you at all times. However, in the shade it's more bearable than Florida-heat. We ate outside several times (in the shade), even though it was around 108º during the day. I can't explain it.

On that note, the air conditioning in our house is broken. Have a great week guys, don't take your AC for granted!


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