Monday, June 16, 2014

Over the Weekend // Manhattan + Brooklyn

So, there are a lot of photos in this post. But this weekend was the best so I really couldn't pare it down, okay. Let me break it down for ya.


Logan met me in Manhattan from DC. BEST. It was so great. We walked from Penn Station to the Meatpacking District to go to the Warby Parker store. We spent 2-freaking-hours in there and yes, we both ended up buying glasses. We can not be trusted in there. The people who work there are the COOLEST and we just had a great, fun time.
I had wanted to walk along the High Line, and it turned out that the Warby Parker location we went to was right next to it. Perfection.

THEN. Then we walked past this Samsung pop-up store where they were offering cooking classes, food, drinks, manicures, hair styling, ALL FOR FREE. It was so amazing. We took a little cooking class and made some delicious pasta, and the chef was seriously so kind. And then we got our nails done because, free.
Then we walked the High Line. It's so beautiful, they did a wonderful job with the landscaping and such. And like halfway through they have all these hip ass food vendors.
Then we walked to the Flat Iron building/Madison Square Park area, walked around a bit, and headed back to my grandparent's for the best pizza in the world.

My Mom really wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, so we went to Brooklyn.
Prior to the actual bridge-walking, we walked along the Piers to "Smorgasburg" which is essentially a crowded lot full of all these delicious smelling food stands.
^ Cold Peanut Noodles ^
 ^ Smorgasburg from a distance ^
And then we walked!
New York City is just too photogenic. It's a dream.
Fresh off the bridge we encountered Wafels & Dinges, so, yeah. SO DELICIOUS. Seriously. And the sassy guys working the truck were hysterical. #modelstatus
 ^ Nutella and strawberries ^

Then we made our way to see the "footprints" of the World Trade Center. The pools are just so beautiful.
 ^ The survivor tree ^

This weekend was definitely one for the books. There were definitely moments of crankiness (on my part) on Sunday, but it was still a great weekend. I dare say one of the very best. And I'm SO glad Logan could come hang in the city with me!!!


  1. Ahh your photos make me want to visit New York so bad! P.S. what camera do you use the quality is amazing!

    1. Thanks! I have a Nikon D5100 and I was using my 50mm f1.8 lens. Love them.

  2. im sooooo jealous. this looks fab. fabber than fab. like you, dear ;)


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