Monday, June 23, 2014

Instagrammed Life // NYC

Some snaps from this past week in the city...
- Tons of walking, ohmygod so much walking.

- Late Night With Seth Meyers taping, which was such a cool experience but not at all what I was expecting?

- If/Then with Mom and Grandma! I love love loved but it seems like I'm in the minority in this respect...either way, seeing Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, and really the whole cast LIVE was just BEYOND.

- Yankee game with THE most amazing seats. Seriously this was incredible. We got to take part in this insane room of food and then had such close seats, it was unreal.

- Newsies with my itty bitty teenage cousins, such a fun show! The dancing alone, ugh. And Alan Menken wrote the score, so, ya know. But in general it was just SO Disney. Do you know what I mean?

- Bat Mitzvah celebrations! Sasha was so fabulous, and man she looked like a Barbie doll in her party gown.

- Reading in Central Park (yesterday), and meeting up with a lot friends over the course of the week.

This trip was...wonderful. That's all. I'm grateful for every part of it, even the parts when I wanted to tear my hair out from frustration. I'm just really lucky to know the people I know and have the opportunities I have.

I have more posts, obvs...tons of baseball photos, some from the Bat Mitzvah, some other randoms, and another thing about personal branding. I'm the worst, I know. To come later this week, peeps.


  1. yeah, yeah. im still jealous. still very jealous. and still laughing at the grandpa teeth tweet.


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