Monday, June 30, 2014


^ Coolest wallpaper ^

Bat Mitzvahs are pretty weird, as an older outsider. Especially being at that awkward not-adult-but-not-teenager-either age. But, aside from that, it was pretty awesome and Sasha was poised and perfect and at her party, she looked like a Barbie Doll.
Even next to my sister, I am the palest in this picture from Friday night. I mean we obviously always look pale next to Sasha and Elana (this photo, respectively), but HOW?!
It was great to see some of the extended family that we don't often get the opportunity to spend time with. Also, this venue was BEYOND.
^ Your average-- and necessary --selfies ^
(I am hardly capable of taking a nice picture)
On Sunday morning, before our spur of the moment trip into the city to see "Newsies", the whole family had breakfast together at the local diner. And being that my Uncle Jonathan's birthday was the weekend prior, my Grandma ordered a cake, and we sang.
Being the photographer means I'm usually not in the photos (hence the amount of selfies on this blog), and the one photo that a stranger was kind enough to take of all of us was like, so blurry. But this one is pretty nice, despite the fact that I probably should have changed lenses. Oops.
(That's all I have from New York, you made it through, go you!)
Have a great week!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Yankees Baseball

It was our first time in the new stadium, which was pretty exciting. It's really quite beautiful. We had incredible seats, and we got to partake in the most absurd buffet situation I've ever seen. My food-loving heart could hardly stand it, I just kept laughing at how lucky we were through the meal. (Thank you to our cousin Keith for hooking us up!!!)
In the monuments museum you can put your name on a locker, so we stuffed all the Moonitzes in.
(I love this photo of us, even though Dad's eyes are half-closed...better than the usually fully closed eyes!) (Do I have his Moonitz face or what?)
Thank you for these two photos, Aunt Susan :)
Over Spring Break I was sure I wouldn't get to see Derek Jeter play again, so this was a treat. A farewell, if you will. And Papa was so excited, (he was talking about it all week), I'm so glad he could come with us.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

City Daze

For a few days, I was in the city by myself for the whole day or at least part of it. And I often didn't carry my camera because, as you can tell by this beast of a post, I had already taken so many photos. And that thing can get heavy when you're walking all day.

Anyway, on Monday, after walking literally all over the city with a friend from high school (he is the best tour guide and it was so worth the foot pain, by the way), I made it to the MoMA to browse a few floors and say hello to some of my favorite paintings.
I have so many pictures of paintings on my iPhone, I just included the ones I figured most people would care about, but then again what do I know.
Tuesday we spent traipsing around 30 Rock/Radio City (as you can see, obviously. Duh, Olivia) until the taping of Late Night With Seth Meyers. And train riding. The Long Island Railroad and I are best buds by now.
And Wednesday was the matinee of If/Then and, guys, I was so close to Anthony Rapp before the show as he walked into the theater. I could have touched him or gotten a photo with him, but I was so surprised that I just stood there and stared. But then after the show, I got this picture and his autograph so it's all good.
LaChanze, who was hilarious, and Charles Haggerty, handsomest of men. (He's signing my Playbill in this picture, that is how close to his face I was.)

I was fangirling so hard, I just get really excited about musicals.
And after the show on Wednesday, I met up with a friend from Birthright. Oh, Reuben! Thank you dragging me around to a part of the city I had not yet been and introducing me to the best corned beef sandwich I've had in New York (Zingerman's in Michigan is still my favorite tho) and serving as witness as I drank an entire beer for the first time (it was peachy, and thus relatively delicious) and giving me insight into what goes on inside the brains of young men.

It was a fun, fun time. A whirlwind of fun-ness. I feel like this post is just a repeat of my Instagrams post, but it's my blog and I'll beat a dead horse if I want to! (I am sorry for using that cliché, though)

In my next post, I shall barrage you with photos of baseball at Yankee Stadium. Prepare your eyeballs.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Instagrammed Life // NYC

Some snaps from this past week in the city...
- Tons of walking, ohmygod so much walking.

- Late Night With Seth Meyers taping, which was such a cool experience but not at all what I was expecting?

- If/Then with Mom and Grandma! I love love loved but it seems like I'm in the minority in this respect...either way, seeing Idina Menzel, Anthony Rapp, and really the whole cast LIVE was just BEYOND.

- Yankee game with THE most amazing seats. Seriously this was incredible. We got to take part in this insane room of food and then had such close seats, it was unreal.

- Newsies with my itty bitty teenage cousins, such a fun show! The dancing alone, ugh. And Alan Menken wrote the score, so, ya know. But in general it was just SO Disney. Do you know what I mean?

- Bat Mitzvah celebrations! Sasha was so fabulous, and man she looked like a Barbie doll in her party gown.

- Reading in Central Park (yesterday), and meeting up with a lot friends over the course of the week.

This trip was...wonderful. That's all. I'm grateful for every part of it, even the parts when I wanted to tear my hair out from frustration. I'm just really lucky to know the people I know and have the opportunities I have.

I have more posts, obvs...tons of baseball photos, some from the Bat Mitzvah, some other randoms, and another thing about personal branding. I'm the worst, I know. To come later this week, peeps.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Over the Weekend // Manhattan + Brooklyn

So, there are a lot of photos in this post. But this weekend was the best so I really couldn't pare it down, okay. Let me break it down for ya.


Logan met me in Manhattan from DC. BEST. It was so great. We walked from Penn Station to the Meatpacking District to go to the Warby Parker store. We spent 2-freaking-hours in there and yes, we both ended up buying glasses. We can not be trusted in there. The people who work there are the COOLEST and we just had a great, fun time.
I had wanted to walk along the High Line, and it turned out that the Warby Parker location we went to was right next to it. Perfection.

THEN. Then we walked past this Samsung pop-up store where they were offering cooking classes, food, drinks, manicures, hair styling, ALL FOR FREE. It was so amazing. We took a little cooking class and made some delicious pasta, and the chef was seriously so kind. And then we got our nails done because, free.
Then we walked the High Line. It's so beautiful, they did a wonderful job with the landscaping and such. And like halfway through they have all these hip ass food vendors.
Then we walked to the Flat Iron building/Madison Square Park area, walked around a bit, and headed back to my grandparent's for the best pizza in the world.

My Mom really wanted to walk the Brooklyn Bridge, so we went to Brooklyn.
Prior to the actual bridge-walking, we walked along the Piers to "Smorgasburg" which is essentially a crowded lot full of all these delicious smelling food stands.
^ Cold Peanut Noodles ^
 ^ Smorgasburg from a distance ^
And then we walked!
New York City is just too photogenic. It's a dream.
Fresh off the bridge we encountered Wafels & Dinges, so, yeah. SO DELICIOUS. Seriously. And the sassy guys working the truck were hysterical. #modelstatus
 ^ Nutella and strawberries ^

Then we made our way to see the "footprints" of the World Trade Center. The pools are just so beautiful.
 ^ The survivor tree ^

This weekend was definitely one for the books. There were definitely moments of crankiness (on my part) on Sunday, but it was still a great weekend. I dare say one of the very best. And I'm SO glad Logan could come hang in the city with me!!!
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