Sunday, May 18, 2014

Over the Weekend

Mom, Rebecca, and I spent Saturday walking around St. Pete, from the Saturday Morning Market to the Dali Museum and around downtown. Beautiful day. Very little humidity, sunny, kind of perfect.
^ This is the only way I'm in any photos, so, sorry? ^
Then today (Sunday), we went to the Ringling Museum of Art, for free. It's actually affiliated with Florida State University and all the signs around the grounds were the same as the signs on campus so it was really weird. Can't I just be rid of you, FSU?!
In any case, the grounds are stunning. STUNNING. And it was another perfect day, so it was really nice just walking around enjoying the view. Naturally, thinking we were just going to walk around a museum, I left my camera in the car. Bad choice. But iPhones get the job done when necessary.
^ See what I mean? I'm sorry!!! ^
I still feel like I'm really stuck in my head, thinking about things that I don't want to think about, waiting to move on, missing my friends who live out of town...but I'm so thankful for weekends like this. Weekends where I can just spend beautiful days outside with some of my favorite people. Even when I'm not feeling my best, I'm thankful.

Hope you all had great weekends, too.


  1. I love downtown St. Pete!! I actually took a class in the Dali a year or so ago...counted for an arts and humanities credit :) And I went to the Ringling three years ago on a class trip, and it was gorgeous. Loved all the sunny photos!


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