Monday, May 26, 2014

Over the Weekend • SUNFLOWERS

On Saturday Dad, Bec, and I took a short ride up to Sweetfields Farm in Masaryktown, FL for their sunflower maze. The sunflowers were SO tall and so beautiful. It was the first day that it's really felt like summer: hot and HUMID. So humid, ohmygosh. The sun was going in and out so some of my photos are a little funky, but man it was a fun day.
 ^ Baby chicken ^
 ^ Baby turkeys!!! Who knew such an ugly bird started out so cute? ^
 ^ Extreme treehouse ^
 ^ Not sorry, Bec ^
 ^ Rosie the cow, smiling just for me! ^
^ My dad thought these guys sitting with the Story Teller were so hilarious ^
Also my dad is adorable.
...from us, to you.


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