Monday, May 12, 2014

FSU Graduation

Better late than never, right?
My own Gilmore Girls moment. (Like Rebecca's from last year, here)
Graduation was May 3, but I'm just now getting around to editing and posting these. Couldn't stomach them until now, I guess. I'm not particularly sentimental about leaving Florida State, considering everything that's going on and all of the memories that are associated with my four years there, but I'm glad I took a lot of photos on graduation day. I'm the luckiest that my grandparents could be there, too.

I don't think I will miss Tallahassee much, but I will miss the wonderful friends I made there. Man, I met some good people. And some not so good people, obviously. But I made a lot of truly great friends who I know I could call at any given time for support or laughs, and I made friends who I lost along the way for various reasons.

While at FSU, I learned what type of lady I wanted to be, and slowly but surely I'm getting there. I had some of the best musical mentors I could have ever hoped for in Dr. Kowalsky, Dr. Bish, Dr. Jimenez, the whole woodwind faculty really, and so many others, without whom I would not be heading to ASU as a teaching assistant next year. I am so, so grateful. And while I could not seem to get out of Tallahassee fast enough...eventually, I'll be able to go back and see some of my favorite people. Whether it be later this year or next.

Thanks for the ...interesting... four years, Florida State. ONWARDS!


  1. Congrats!!!!! Man, graduating must be SUPA EXCITING!!!!!! And yay on ASU! Visit LA sometime :D


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