Saturday, May 10, 2014

(Early) Mother's Day in Winter Park

We took a trip out to Winter Park for an early Mother's Day celebration of sorts. Rifle Paper Co. is based there and I've been dying to see their store. They had a sale and flower thing for Mother's Day, and Winter Park is the cutest town possibly ever, AND the Morse Museum (Tiffany glass!!) is there, and those were enough reasons for a day trip, wouldn't you agree? It was a really fun day.
They don't allow photos in the museum, but I loved this rug so I snagged one anyway.
This waffle was almost--almost--as good as the waffles in Belgium.
A ginger hipster who was just sitting on a bench offered to take our photo. ALL THREE OF US IN ONE PHOTO! How did Rebecca and I end up so pale, while our mother is an olive-skinned goddess? And with my new hair I feel like I hardly look like them...
Cutest store of all time. As you can see, I took home a lot of goodies. Probably spent way too much money there, but her prints just make me so happy. Bec and Mom took some home, too.
CUTEST TOWN! And me, for good measure, although this photo looks all sorts of Photoshopped...


Happy Mother's Day to one of the two people (the other being my Dad, of course) who always puts me before herself, sometimes too often, and who will always pick me up when I'm down. Momma, sometimes you drive me absolutely crazy, like SO crazy, but I love you more than I could ever properly express.

And to all the other Moms in my life...I love you, too. Grandmas, Aunts, family friends, teachers. You know who you are, and I love you all.


  1. I am dying to find a Rifle Paper Co. in Europe, all of their products are gorgeous!

  2. Everything looks really SO beautiful! I'd love to see the shop in person! The strawberries and waffles look amazing, too... Looks like it was a good (early) mothers day! I bet florida is so pretty this time of year. Not too hot, right? Thanks for sharing these photos!



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