Thursday, May 15, 2014

DIY Rings

I bought some little rings on Etsy a while ago, and as cute as they are they are just too big. So I did some research and decided to try to make my own. They're not perfect, but they look just fine and I kind of love them! They were also waaay less money, and I can make as many as I want. Win/win/win/win.
What you'll need:
- Gold and/or silver jewelry wire. I bought 24 gauge and 22 gauge, respectively. I would have bought both in the 22 gauge, but they didn't have gold wire of that size in stock. Thinner wire is more plyable, but as such it feels a bit flimsier. Just keep that in mind.
- Round nose pliers.
- Wire cutter.
(I bought one tool that took care of both the pliers and wire cutter *two thumbs up*)

All this cost me about $15, and like I said, I can now make as many rings as this amount of wire will allow (with room for error!)
To make a chevron ring:
- Cut a small piece of wire.
- Fold it in half, as shown above.
- Flatten it on your finger, as shown below.
- Twist the open ends around to the appropriate size, snip off the long ends, and close off the ring using the pliers as shown below.
The back should look like this! ^
 And the front should look like this! ^

- Use the same process to close off regular circular rings. Some people recommend using a cylindrical tool to size and close off the rings, but I just finagled it around my fingers to get the sizes I wanted.

Since I took these photos, a friend came over and we got a little more creative and made some other ring designs as well. Honestly, just try out whatever comes to mind and fit them around your fingers. You'll have quite a lot of wire, so why not get creative?
I made a lot of little gold rings. Silver are up next!
Enjoy! Hope this tutorial type thing was helpful.


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