Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Celebrating Rachel + Jordan's Graduations

On Sunday afternoon, we went over to Rachel's (one of my best friends and former roommates, and we've known each other for allllmost 20yrs now so yeah) for a joint graduation party; she graduated from FSU and her brother Jordan graduated from high school.
They had Chipotle cater, which was awesome. And I was the "unofficial" photographer, so although I didn't include all of the family photos here...trust me, I took a lot.
AND friends came in from out of town and it was really, really fun.
Anyone want to hire Justin as a poolside model?
I let Dr. Dennis borrow my camera for two minutes...
I can't say anything without getting all sappy so I'll just say that I'm proud to be friends with these people and they are the best. Even Sarah, who I just met at this party ;) I'm glad I got to see them before I move away.

Good people. Good party. Good day.


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