Friday, March 28, 2014

Things, That Are Happening, Right Now (+ Happy Friday!)

Soooo, big news. Most of you have already heard, but I got into graduate school at Arizona State University! I love the clarinet teachers and I was offered an assistantship, teaching clarinet! Best case scenario, no? I'll be moving to Tempe some time over the summer. I think I was born to be in the desert and I really could not be more excited!!! But it's stressful thinking about moving, and although they gave me some very, very nice monetary won't be enough to live on. Among other things, my brain is just going in one million different directions regarding this HUGE move.

So even though I got this AMAZING news...I've been stressed. It's actually been a really difficult two weeks. My Crohn's Disease has been flaring up and not letting me sleep peacefully at night, leading to me being physically and emotionally exhausted during the days. Not to mention, with the traveling around Chicago and my upcoming jury and recital, I've just been struggling to keep food down and keep my playing up to snuff.

Aside from's been great. The Chicago trip was fantastic, so much fun. And after a few really productive rehearsals, my recital repertoire is pretty much solid. I'll be posting photos from Chicago (probably 2-3 posts if I'm being honest, because I'm kind of a photo-whore if that's even a thing) soon, and trying not to pull my hair out. Go team!

I didn't mean to not blog for so long, but frankly I haven't had much to blog about and I think sub-consciously I needed the break to focus on other things. But I'm home now and ready to go go go.


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