Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring Break // At Home

Being home yields its fair share of stresses, but it's always relieving to get away from Tallahassee, in my opinion. The long-weekend-beginning-of-my-spring-break was full of baking and shopping with Mom, movies and TV, and baseball games (a spring tradition, since the Yankees came here in 1996).
Derek Jeter, my favorite player when I was younger, is retiring this year. That's the last of the team I grew up with, as he's the last of them to retire. I took a lot of photos of him batting.
This might be my last Spring Training for a while. If I move out of state next year, odds are I won't get to come home to Florida for spring break. I mean, you never know, but it's kind of sad to think that I won't get to be a part of this for the first time in...well, forever. Since '96 anyway. And let's face it, there's not much I can remember prior to that ;)

Well now I just feel old.

Anyway, it was great to be home but it's always nice to be back with my sweetheart. No matter what, I always seem to miss him when I'm away. Funny how that works ;) My goal is to cook a lot this week, while I have the time and energy! And I have my first rehearsal with my pianist on Friday, for my recital.

Happy break-ing, peeps.


  1. What a great little Spring break getting to be back home! What great little Spring traditions to do as a family :)
    xo TJ


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