Sunday, March 30, 2014

Chicago // Part I

Not sure I ever fully explained...last semester, my reed quintet had a recital in which we played a piece by a composition student here at FSU. He won the National Young Artist Composition competition, or something like that, for MTNA (Music Teachers National Association). The piece had to be performed on the winners concert at the national convention in order for him to actually be the winner. And since our quintet had already been working on it, he asked us to go to Chicago to play. WIN!

The performance went very well and tooling around the city with some great friends was awesome. I took a lot of photos.
Day one: Walking up and down and up and down Michigan Avenue, stopping by Millennium Park to see Cloud Gate, aka The Bean.
 ^ in the evening, we went to see a local production of "Into the Woods" ^
Day two: More walking! Down to the Art Institute of Chicago, then up and down State St. to see "The Secret Garden" flower show at Macy's. This was my fav day. Art and flowers?? Does it get any better???
I hope in my next life I'm a floral designer, if that's a thing? The show in Macy's blew my mind, it was so magical!!

By day three of the trip we were a little tired and I took much less photos, but ya know, still a lot of photos. I'll be posting those soon!


  1. you're kidding me with these photos! frame worthy and fantastic.

    1. Thank you, Annie! I'm quite proud of these. With every trip/gig my photog skills are improving!


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