Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roses and Thorns

^ New sandals ^

^ John finishing off his speech with some tambourine ^

^ Poor, derpy Djanga, being teased by Kev ^

^ My Mom mailed me some temporary tats, so, yeah ^

- Coffee
- Waffles with butter and grape jam (my favorite breakfast)
- Warm socks and blankets
- Morning cuddles (I am so cheesy, how can you all even stand me sometimes?)
- How happy John is when I come home from a weekend away
- Going to see Snarky Puppy LIVE! (ps, they just won a grammy)
- Leah auditioning/visiting in Tallahassee!!!
- Getting my favorite candy in the mail
- The ultimate skirt of confidence
- When John reads/shows me funny things from Reddit
- Having the weekend off from the stress of auditioning

- Missing my parents and sister, and Roxy of course
- Picking and learning recital repertoire
- How cold the first floor of our apartment is on cold nights (hint: freezing cold)
- Lack of photography gigs (aka: lack of money)
- Audition nerves
- Having to give a speech on Monday
- General boredom (I should probably enjoy it while it lasts)



  1. I looove those shoes! And waffles with pb+j is my fave too...except I usually add banana slices if we have some..


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