Monday, February 10, 2014

Over the Weekend

Leah was here to audition! This picture makes me chuckle, haha. Unfortunately for her, I am insanely boring. But I think I managed to make her audition weekend as pleasant as possible. It was pleasant for me, at least. A lot of eating, worlds colliding, and grainy iPhone photos ;)

Dr. Kowalsky is in Tallahassee for a few days, and I got to see him and chat a little bit on Saturday while Leah was auditioning. Man, I have missed him. It was so nice to talk to him again and catch up. I'm feeling very grateful for him, and Leah, right about now.
Love you, Leah! Thanks for tolerating me for the weekend!!


  1. that first photo makes me want to be her friend ;) looks like a lovely weekend....i'm drooling over the food at least!


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