Thursday, February 20, 2014

Over the Weekend // Boulder, CO

Over the weekend I had my last grad school audition, at CU Boulder. It was stressful getting there, as per usual, but I did and it was fine, yada yada. I stayed with my Aunt, Uncle, and two cousins. It was really nice to see them! Since they live out west, we don't get to see them so often.

Boulder is easily one of my favorite places in the States, if not the world, I mean it is seriously so pleasant and beautiful. It's like a freakin' postcard! As you can see, below.
 These shots were literally taken ON CAMPUS. THAT'S THEIR VIEW.
I had an afternoon to myself, prior to having a lesson, so I strolled around, took myself out to lunch (it WAS Valentine's Day, after all), and went to the free Natural History Museum on campus. Cuuute museum. And they have a cafe/study area in the basement with free coffee, so I'm a fan.
The nice thing about Boulder is that the weather is generally pretty mild. The winters are cold, but it's usually sunny, so it's bearable. And the summers are literally amazing; growing up in Florida, I'm accustomed to be sweating March-October, but it's nice and cool in Boulder. Even in late May. It blows my mind. Also, it makes for amazing hair.

A highlight of this trip, one of many, truly, was watching my cousin Ben play with the Boulder Symphony. SO cool to see him playing a professional gig. They had a guest soloist, too: 13-year-old violin prodigy Phoenix Avalon. He was amazing, I almost cried, watch a video of him here (yes, that is the piece he played at this concert).
Oh, Boulder. You have my heart. Crossing my fingers about CU...

Guys, that wraps up my audition season/posts. I'M DONE! It feels great. But, the waiting game is rough. I can't wait to hear back and decide where to go. 

Other audition weekend posts: Tempe, Austin, Ann Arbor. Thanks for following along.


  1. crossing my fingers for you! (although, i'm totally biased about austin, too....) phew! hard(est?) part is over. how long does the waiting take?

    1. I should hear back by early-mid March!...Feels like forever though.


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