Sunday, February 2, 2014

Over the Weekend // Ann Arbor, MI

This weekend was a DOOZY. I've already preached about my insane 17 hour trip to the University of Michigan on Facebook, but I'm going to go into detail here. Building memories, y'all.

Chris and I were supposed to fly out to Detroit on Wednesday morning. But then it was all icy in Tallahassee and Atlanta (where our connection was), and nobody knew what to do and everything just shut down. Our flight was delayed until Wednesday night, but then cancelled completely. There were no flights at all on Thursday. So we were rebooked on a flight leaving at 7am on Friday. At 4:30am on Friday, I was woken up by an automated phone call from Delta stating that my 7am flight was now delayed until 10:20am. Not ideal, so at 8am I frantically called the University of Michigan to see if I could push my audition time back even further (my initial time was 1:00pm, I pushed it to 2:30pm, and then they told me to just get to the school as fast as I could). They were really nice about it, and all seemed well.

At the Tallahassee airport, our flight out was late. We didn't leave until 11am. We ran across the Atlanta airport as fast as we could, during which I spoke on the phone with one of the clarinet professors who was checking in to see how things were going, and made our connection thanks to my mom. Wooh, victory! LOLJK, because then we sat on the plane for an hour and a half. After about an hour of just sitting, I called UM again, and they told me I wouldn't get to audition because the faculty had to leave for prior engagements. I was so upset. I cried on the plane, it was pretty weird. Well eventually we made it to Detroit, and although I wasn't going to audition, I went with Chris anyway because my other option would have been to stay in the airport for god knows how long until I could get home. Not worth it.

So, we booked it to UM. And on the way there, the professor who I had talked to earlier in the day texted me and told me to call his colleague, who would be able to listen to my audition because he lives very close to the school, and record it for him. AMAZING NEWS! But also terrifying, because that meant I'd have to play and audition for grad school after that long, shitty afternoon.

But I did it, and so did Chris, and we both feel pretty good about it. It was a pretty damn good audition.

Guys. Friday was a terrible, terrible day. But I made it, and I got to audition, and throughout the day I kept getting such encouraging words from friends on Facebook, really I just felt so lucky as I went to bed that night. Thank you all. 

Also, SNOW. There is so much snow in Michigan. Wowowowow snow. As a Floridian, my mind was blown.
 ^ Best corned beef sandwich from my favorite deli in America, Zingerman's ^
 ^ When we left the hotel in the morning, there was a fresh coat of snow over everything! ^
^ It also started snowing again as we drove to the airport, and got even more serious by the time we got to our gates. But it was really beautiful. ^

Other auditions here and here. Follow along on Instagram too (I've been archiving my travel photos with #gradauditionadventures).


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