Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Everyone Needs Something Like This

I wrote this post when I was down in the dumps and not feeling well and not feeling very pretty. I had been thinking about how to see past how I was physically feeling, and I came up with the fact that ultimately positive body image is about feeling beautiful. Or feeling that you look beautiful.

It really clicked for me today though. You see, last week I got this beautiful, perfect, rose colored midi skirt in the mail, and I bought some new black sandals to replace the ones I got in my senior year of high school. And when I put them together today, I felt like a princess. The skirt floats in the breeze and I just felt so beautiful.

It made my day brighter. Everything felt lovely and springy and I was generally just happy. I felt good. I felt pretty.
Everyone needs something like that. Something to throw on to make a gloomy day a little less so. Something that makes you feel amazing. If you don't already have something like that -- be it a piece of jewelry, a favorite t shirt, or a flowy princess skirt...you need one in your life :)


  1. This makes me super excited for spring! You look radiant -and I so agree about having that item of clothing that makes you feel most 'you' and beautiful. :)

  2. That skirt is perfection! You're adorable ;)


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