Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Snow Day" in Florida

Well, it happened. I've lived in Florida for 19+ years, I grew up here, and not once has it snowed. It snowed the year I was born! But I was born in New York, so that doesn't count. But it snowed in Tallahassee.

Last night FSU sent out messages that school was going to be cancelled until noon today due to ice. Which makes sense, since most students here have probably never experienced driving on icy roads. Then this morning, they cancelled classes for the entire day. Great! Right?


They cancelled a huge performance of the University Symphony with Itzhak Perlman tonight.

And our flights to Michigan were also cancelled. And there are no flights out tomorrow because Atlanta is pretty much just shut down.

So now, it's barely even icy (mostly just slushy/wet) (although it was legitimately snowing earlier) and Chris and I have to fly out to Michigan on Friday morning, hope all of our flights are on time, and audition for UM in the afternoon. I am not happy about this. At all. LEAST ideal audition situation, possibly ever. But I am choosing to consider the pleasant things...I get to spend a snow day at home with my dood, and we have tomorrow together too. More practice time, less money on hotels and food in Michigan...ah well. This is life, I'm dealing with it, it is frustrating but it is all good.

Also, John bought an iPad Air and we downloaded a drawing app and it is straight up dope. Obviously.
And I took a little video of it snowing out the window here.


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