Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Over the Weekend // Austin, TX

This weekend Chris, Allison, and I were in Austin, TX. It was quite a trip. I think the main thing I took away from this trip is that there is so much good food to eat in Austin ;)

The Butler School of Music is really beautiful! The whole campus is, really. On Friday, classes were cancelled and there was snow on the ground, but in the afternoon it was warm from the sun so Allison and I strolled around campus.
On Saturday, Chris and I auditioned and then we went to the botanical gardens in Austin. It was pretty dead plant-wise since it's winter and there had just been a freeze...but it was a nice way to stretch our legs!
 ^ one of the three brides we saw at the gardens, ha! ^
Then we walked around Sixth Street, where all the bars with live music are. We're not really "bar people" so it wasn't all that exciting, but we did find an amazing doughnut food truck.
 ^ maybe Austin's grumpy cat? ^
 ^ doughnut, brownie batter, hot fudge (I think), chocolate chips, brownies  = delicious, and also, diabeetus ^
I'm thankful for such a fun trip with friends! Hope to see you again some time, Austin.

Off to Michigan tomorrow night for audition #3! Hopefully we don't get snowed in...

First audition weekend here, and you can also follow along on Instagram!


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