Monday, January 6, 2014

Last First Day (at FSU)

I feel like I should have something sentimental to say on my last first day of school as an undergraduate student? I could say that it's mind boggling that it'll be over soon, that it's crazy that in a few months I'll be done here and moving out of state, that I can't imagine starting over in a new school and what will inevitably feel like another world...but I think I'll save all of that sappy crap for actual graduation day. Because the thing is, I just have too much shit to do before I can even think about it. I don't have time to start feeling sad this early!

But, there are some things that I want to remember about my last first day of school at FSU... cold it was today. ohmygosh what happened in Tallahassee?! Suddenly it's legitimate winter up here, my bed turned into a nest of blankets, but obviously no one really knows how to deal because we're all Florida natives. Especially the insane girls walking around in skirts and/or crop tops when it's 40º and windy, uhwut?... our speech TA reacted when I mentioned that John (who is also in this class) and I are dating. She was having everyone introduce themselves and say something they did over break and when I said that I had spent some time with him and his family, she got really weird and went off on a tangent about us not sitting next to each other, and then about how she and her husband might have a baby to spice up their relationship? I don't know but it was both hilarious and embarrassing.

...the fact that today, the Florida State football team is playing in the biggest college football game of the year. And the odds are good that we'll win! I don't care much about football, and I don't want to jinx it, but I hope we win. That way everyone on campus will be happy. And it's good publicity for the school. the bar around the corner from my apartment has been blasting music for an hour ALREADY and it's so loud and I just want everyone to shut up!! I know it's football and stuff, but geez. (Can you tell that I'm the worst college student ever? With my need to avoid loud bars and parties?) happy my friends were to see me when I walked into the College of Music this morning, and how happy I was to see them. My amazing geeky little music family. Mondays this semester might be amazing, because I don't have class until 1:25pm and then I'm free to practice alllllll day if I want to.

I think I might like this semester quite a lot. We'll see ;)


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