Monday, January 20, 2014

For a Future Home, Part III

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As I spend a lot of time traveling (and since I have a pretty light class schedule), I've been spending a lot of my free time occupying my mind with pretty things on Pinterest. And since I'll be making a huge move this year, some of my favorite pins are those for the home. Thus, I've decided to resurrect this series that I began over a year ago (holy poop, time flies).

These are just some of the office spaces that I just love and hope to someday emulate. While I don't necessarily need an office space, I think it would be really great to someday have a little desk and inspiration board to sit at and edit my photo shoots. Currently, I just sit in my bed with my back against the wall, and let me tell you, sometimes it just kills my neck. Maybe next year if I have the space for it, I'll get myself a cute little table, corkboard, and lamp. It'd be good for keeping my plants on, too ;)

I love shelving for books and CDs and albums, colorful file cabinets, and decorative lamps. And I just want everything to be white. It's so clean and simple and it leaves so much room for creativity. That way, it's super easy to change the feel of the room; just change the lamp or the decorations on the desktop and bam, a whole different feel in the space!

Planning for a someday-home is super fun. Sometimes it's too much fun. I tend to get way ahead of myself this way ;) But it's a pleasant thing to plan, generally. So I think I will continue this series as I continue pinning and planning for my next apartment. 


P.S. I had an amazing weekend in Tempe and I can't wait to share those photos within the next few days!!


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