Monday, December 9, 2013

Over the Weekend

These photos are actually from a few weeks back when I was on campus for a photo shoot. The leaves have mostly fallen by now, but here's proof that they were pretty. Even if only for a little while! Also, that was the biggest slug I've ever seen, I had to take a photo.
Last night, I had some friends over for latkes. A belated Hanukkah celebration, if you will. The latkes were from a box because I am a student who can not cook and has no time to make latkes from scratch. (Sorry mom, maybe some day). They were delicious and my friends are hilarious. It was a really, really fun night.

P.S. Can anyone believe this Hanukkah party was a year ago? Yeesh.

John and I had the best weekend, ever. We spent all of Saturday with plants and it was amazing. More details on that tomorrow :) The moral of the story: my boyfriend is the best in the world.

To everyone with finals, good luck this week!


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