Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thoughts on Applying to Graduate School

I'M DONE! I did it! For now, anyway.

I hadn't intended on taking a break from blogging while finishing and submitting my grad school applications, but I'm glad I did. It allowed me to put any extra energy I had (minimal, but it is what it is) into finishing these applications. I applied to five schools, four of which had pre-screening requirements. (For those of you who don't know, pre-screening is an audition to be invited to the live audition in the Spring.)

I have never been more relieved in my life. Except maybe when I applied to college the first time around? Maybe. The road does not end here for me; I'll have to do my live auditions in the spring, but that also means I get to travel to some pretty cool places. More on that once I find out where I'll be going ;)

They say you hear back about pre-screening in January, but I'm crossing my fingers it'll be sooner so I can book some tickets. I'm excited! Not nervous yet. Just excited. And hoping it'll stay that way.

Now I couldn't be more excited for Thanksgiving break. I'm going to Georgia with John and his family, out in the country. With this huuuge weight off of my shoulders, I'll actually be able to enjoy myself! I have about one billion photos to edit during these next few weeks (to my clients: I haven't forgotten you!), but the worst of the semester has passed. It should be smooth sailing from now on. And it feels great.

I'd like to make a Thanksgiving post, but I'm not sure we'll have Internet. So that may have to wait. I'm in no rush. 

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


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