Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Friday!

Busy week is almost over! Tomorrow night will be my last concert with the Florida State University Philharmonia, ever, because I'm not doing any ensembles next semester (sooo much free time--*happy dance*). But it's sad, because I love playing in UPO. It's been a wonderful experience this semester, as it was the past two semesters, and these will be some of my fondest memories about studying at FSU.

It will, however, certainly be nice to be able to focus on pre-screening recordings and finishing my applications next week, before Thanksgiving (is it seriously so soon?!)

Anyway, John and I have been watching a lot of 30 Rock in our down time (it's on Netflix). When we saw this clip we pretty much died of laughter, and then scrolled back to watch it again. So here you go! I hope you find it as funny as we do.

Have a great weekend.


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