Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Plants Are A Girl's Best Friend

A few leftover snaps from over the weekend. John looks so intently focused, no?

Introducing, the newest addition to my family of cacti and succulents! I bought this pot of pretties over the weekend at the Purple Martin Outpost. They are even more beautiful in person.

I don't know why, but plants have just been making me so happy lately. They're so fresh and innocent? A weird way to describe plants, I know, but there it is. My other cacti and succulents are also doing well (seen here, for example) although one of them definitely needs to be repotted (he's leaning a little too far to one side...it's half funny, half sad).

Also, some things that I think are worth watching/reading:
-This video about kids and classical music. I love what one of the young girls says:
"Classical music is quiet music that also has joy."
-This video documenting what happens when random people conduct a world-class orchestra.
-Jennifer Lawrence being amazing, as usual.
-This girl had an amazing childhood, with photographic evidence.
-As if you need more reasons to love Halloween season: this.
-Lastly, the Humans of New York Facebook page has been making me smile these past few weeks.



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