Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Over the Weekend

Rebecca came to visit. It was so nice to see her after a few months. Naturally, I dragged her to an orchestra concert. She was a trooper, and the music was great.

We spent Saturday with my beautiful friend, Gaby. We went shopping a bit and to Tallahassee's Greek Food Festival (along with every other person in Tallahassee...it was so crowded)
We had some time to kill afterwards, so Rebecca met up with a friend while Gaby and I sat on campus and enjoyed the nice weather. FSU has such a beautiful campus. It's easy to forget that when you're stuck inside the music building all day, everyday ;)
 Then we made our way to the Gaines Street Music Festival. So. many. hipsters.
 ...for the record...I caved and bought those sunglasses Caleb's wearing. For $7!
 I have the greatest friends in the entire world.
After Gaines Street, we went to hang out with friends at John's for a while. I guess Saturday was super busy...I didn't even realize until I just typed it out, ha! But it was such a wonderful, pleasant day.

John and I spent Sunday relaxing, re-watching Lost, and napping. So basically, I had the perfect weekend. And I hope you did, too.

Now, to make it through this week...


  1. You look so gorgeous in these pictures! So do all of your friends :) I love the style going on in this group of people. Glad your weekend was so great :)

    Tightrope to the Sun


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